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Top Six "Ethics of Meat" Essays

Remember that nyt ethics of meat contest?  I wasn’t a finalist (sad stories) but I mean all I can do is hope it changed at least one of the judge’s viewpoints on the ag industry as a whole (because it’s not like the corn and soy industries are entirely blameless, let’s be honest here).  I think I didn’t ethics of meat enough for them.  Oh well.

I kind of skimmed through the more boring ones (essays are generally more boring to me, meh) but the fifth one, titled “Sometimes it’s More Ethical to Eat Meat than Vegetables” was really good, I thought.

wtf okay so I just voted for the fifth one as I’m writing this post, and I saw the last essay had the most votes at like around 6000.  wtf I thought that was the worst one.  It talks about something like how in vitro meat is the only ethical meat, which I think is total bullshit and is simply taking the easy way out.  The whole relationship between people and livestock is something I consider very precious, even spiritual, and to just remove it from the situation entirely is kind of disappointing (maddening, even)  Like, is it even that ethical?  I dunno much about it, but I don’t like the idea. 

Anyone want to discuss this with me? :D (by this I mean the contest, the essays, thoughts on in vitro meat, thoughts on food justice, food ethics, whatever…I like this topic and would like to hear some other opinions)